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 [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners   [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 12:16 pm

Beginners' Guide

This guide is written in CTRL+F format. This means that each topic is paired with a unique ID code. To locate each topic, press CTRL+F, and type the ID code. Press enter, and it should take you to the topic.

Topic:Unique ID
Learning the controlsG_T01
First Things First... I need a sword!G_T02
Tips and Tricks: Practice!G_T03
Walkthrough: Your First Dungeon!G_T04
Closing: Where do we go from here?G_T05

[G_T01]Learning the Controls
While in-game there is aready a list, I have provided the list here as well. The controls are as follows:
Spacebar: World-Chat
V: View-Chat
E: Emote
W: Who list
Enter: Save Menu
A: Interact, such as NPCs/chests/doors with locks/signs/etc
S: Use item in hand, such as bottle/mask/flute
D: Dash, Useful for getting places fast.
F: Slash, using your sword
Q: Inventory (Can also be accessed by the escape key)
T: Lift (as in bushes, pots, or rocks (when added)
H: Display Help
J: Jump (jump off cliffs)
N: News

Arrow keys are used for movement

[G_T02]First things first.. I need a sword!
"Its dangerous to go out there alone. Take this with you..."

So now you know the controls... What should we do first? Why not get a sharp and pointy object to whip around in a dangerous fashion?
So lets do that. First, you should be in the start house. If you lost your way to the start house, there are several ways to find it:
1: Die
2: Use the flute, if you have one
3: Ask a GM or unjail you (unjail sends players to the start house...)
4: Look for the castle, and head south. It will be a bit to the west.
5: Look for the first dungeon. Its to the east of it.

Once you are in the start house [Fig. 1.1], you will notice a few things.... 4 pots, a bed, a chest, and an incredibly old man. We could break the pots and raid the old man's treasure, but lets talk to him first. He might have some stories to share...
[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners Scrnsh10
Fig. 1.1 - Start House interior containing 4 pots, bed, chest, and a VERY old man... oh, and a nice little table set with 4 chairs.

[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners Scrnsh10
Fig. 1.2 - Pressing A at NPCs talks to them! OH MY GOD HE SPEAKS!

So after talking to this old man, we realize that your father left you something.....

[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners Scrnsh11
Fig. 1.3 - OMG A SHARP AND POINTY OBJECT! This is JUST what we were looking for!

So now he have our sword. The adventure has now begun!

[G_T03]Tips and Tricks: Practice!

We all know the phrase "Practice Makes Perfect..." and if you don't... Well.. You do now. The same applies to this game. Practicing the movement controls and the fighting controls will help you easily master the sharp and pointy object your character now holds. The question, however..... is where?

Here is a little map i drew up to assist you on the best place to practice with your sharp and pointy:
[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners Map110
Fig. 2.1 - Map showing route to Woods(Yellow) and Dungeon 1(Red)

From the start house, shown by a blue diamond on the map, follow the YELLOW path to the woods, marked by the blue triangle.
In these woods are two kinds of enemies: thieves, and Hadies. The thieves are just your normal enemies - They chase and attack you. The Hadies are whats called a DORMANT enemy. This means they will stay put until you get close enough to disturb them. The Hadie, however, will peek out every couple of seconds to look around. Other than that, they will look like a shrub.

So enter the woods and walk around. Practice lifting and/or cutting the shrubs, and killing enemies. Keep an eye on your hearts, located in the upper-right of your screen... You only have 3. When you feel like you got the controls down well enough, head on back to the start house. Theres a mission to be done......

[G_T04]Walkthrough: Your First Dungeon!
So we have our sharp and pointy, and we know how to use it........... Kinda......

Ok, so the truth is we have more or less no clue how to use it aside from the fact that we bash things with it and they die. Great. Know what this means? DUNGEON TIME!!

Remember that map i drew earlier? Look at it again. This time, follow the RED path to the dungeon's entrance. Theres some shrubs along the way, but their roots are too deep.... BASH THEM WITH THAT SHARP AND POINTY and continue north to the dungeon.

I have provided a map for you to reference to go through this dungeon:
[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners Map210
Fig. 3.1 - Map of Dungeon 1. Aint it colorful?

You start in the lower-left room. Follow the red line two rooms over, and two rooms up. You will locate the small key for this dungeon. If you are low on hearts, you can break the pots to your right to find some.
Once you are ready, head back down 1 room, following the yellow line two rooms to the left. In here you will locate the Master, or Boss Key. This one is heavily guarded, so dispatch the enemies before you open the chest. Now follow the new red line 1 room right, 1 room up, and a room to the left. Pressing A at the lock will use your small key to unlock the door, where you will find a big chest and some pots.
Inside the chest is the bomb bag. Setting it to your item slot will allow you to plant bombs. Your bomb counter is located directly to the right of your selected item box, indicated by a small blue bomb above a number. If your bomb counter is 0, you cannot place bombs.
Again, if you need hearts, break the pots to find some. Once you are ready, head 3 rooms to the right.
Immediately kill the enemy. You will notice a golden lock above you, just up the stairs. If you are ready, go up to it and press A to use that boss key and enter the boss chamber...

The boss is a Knightboss. A rather poorly-animated, spinning giant THING that seems to crap bombs out at you. Theres a few methods you can use to kill this thing. I personally suggest chasing it and slashing. When it drops a bomb, just back up 2 spaces until it explodes, and repeat. Eventually you will kill the boss.

Once you kill it, you will be warped into the Heart Room... Simply go up to the big chest, and open it to obtain your first heart container!

WOOHOO! now we have 4 hearts!

You should now find yourself outside of the first dungeon. Press enter, and save your game.

Congratulations! You have beaten Dungeon 1!

[G_T05]Closing: Where do we go from here?
Now that you have a sharp and pointy object with which to stab things, a 4th heart to extend your life, and a good grasp on the game, you are ready to take the next step into the world of Zelda Online...
So sit back, grab a soda, take a deep breath, and embark on the adventure of a virtual lifetime!!

Or just drink the soda and play Zelda. Either one seems like it would be fun.
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PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners   [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 25, 2011 7:21 pm

hooray for bosses crapping bombs at you what do they eat o-o
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PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners   [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 04, 2011 3:31 am

Awesome...except, there's no enemies anymore in Dungeon One. Atleast, not when I played today. Also, hooray for my first post! Might wanna expand on this too. Hint at some of the stuff the game has. I wouldn't have known it had masks unless I asked. Otherwise, good job.
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PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners   [GUIDE] Guide for Beginners I_icon_minitime

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[GUIDE] Guide for Beginners
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